Monday, April 25, 2011


the little gray cells
they make all the difference
murderers beware

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


well, apparently
the world won't come to an end
though it's not Monday

Monday, April 11, 2011

Special Jane Eyre Marathon

(Because the trailer for the new version actually looks good.)

Young Jane
spry sarcastic waif
want to be loved damn it all
if you bully me

Mrs. Reed
bully you I shall!
filthy orphan waif indeed!
(you terrify me)

Mr. Brocklehurst
harsh pompous insane
lest you thought your aunt wicked
behold my cruelty!

Grown-up Jane
watch me beat the odds
tremble with fear, silly snobs
I've got book learning

Mrs. Fairfax
at last a mother
to guide and guard you from harm
and strange employers

j'suis enchante!
c'est tres difficil pour moi
to speak l'anglais!

Mr. Rochester
damnation! an elf!
with sass and some book learning
how I'll bully you!

Grace Poole
the likely suspect
I drink and laugh evilly
but wait! there's a twist

Blanche Ingram
is my sole accomplishment
how splendid I am!

Love-sick Jane
given my background
you'd think I would know not to
fall for a bully

Gypsy Fortuneteller
cackle croak cackle
I see into your heart, Jane
do you know me now?

if there's one thing
I have a stunning knack for
surely it's timing

Love-sick Rochester
marry me, sweet elf!
I'm shady and twice your age
we'll be so happy!

I'm your worst nightmare!
madwoman in the attic
feminists rejoice!

help! need somebody!
help! not just anybody!
help! you know I *swoon*

St. John
a gorgeous bully
(are you a magnet or what?)
marry me damn you!

Long Lost Uncle John
oh dear I'm dying
to whom shall I leave my wealth
but my orphan niece?

Jane Triumphant
some cash is handy
yes, reader, I married him
true love conquers all

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ode to a Favorite Pair of Jeans

like a second skin
next best thing to LBD
my daily armor